Rat Bait Stations - 2 Pack, Weather and Tamper-Resistant for Indoor & Outdoor Rodent Control, Refillable w/ 2 Locks and Key, Cruelty-Free Alternative to Rat & Mouse Traps - Safe for Kids and Pets!

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  • UNLIKE OTHER RODENT BAIT STATIONS that are POORLY CONSTRUCTED out of flimsy, EASILY BREAKABLE MATERIALS, each Eco Pro Pest Control Rat Bait Station is built out of STURDY METAL and TOUGH, DURABLE, HEAVY-DUTY PLASTIC, so it can be REUSED again and again. And because it’s 100% WEATHER RESISTANT, our indoor / outdoor rat station can be set up both inside and out of the house, to catch inside and outside pests and leave your space SAFE, CLEAN & PEST-FREE.
  • MANY RAT BOXES ON THE MARKET CLAIM TO BE SAFE for children and pets but are actually quite DANGEROUS because their flimsy locks are EASILY OPENED by little hands and pet paws. Our tamper-resistant, large, pet-safe station is secured at all times by 2 LOCKING MECHANISMS and REQUIRES A KEY to open the rat station and expose the bait inside. So while pests have easy access to the bait, little fingers and paws are kept SAFE FROM HARM.
  • INCLUDES TWO RAT AND MOUSE BAIT STATIONS FOR EFFECTIVE PERIMETER BAITING. With our 2 outdoor rodent bait stations, you can COVER A LARGER AREA to control infestation more effectively. And because our bait stations can be ATTACHED to permanent structures and surfaces, they’ll be fixed in place – meaning pets, pests and stray animals WON’T BE ABLE TO MOVE THEM. Kit includes an INSTRUCTION SHEET for your rat bait boxes, PLUS a REPORT to help keep pests under control for good.
  • IDEAL RODENT BOXES FOR HOMES, YARDS, WAREHOUSES and OFFICES! Our rat poison bait station safely catches and eliminates up to 3 RODENTS per rat bait block, making elimination swift and cost-effective. Our live rodent station can be used with any RAT BAIT, rat poison or bait blocks (bait not included), so you can choose whether to exterminate immediately or use slower-acting poison, to allow pests to die quietly elsewhere.
  • AT ECO PRO PEST CONTROL, OUR GOAL IS TO MAKE PEST CONTROL SAFER and MORE EFFECTIVE - so you can ELIMINATE YOUR RODENT PROBLEM QUICKLY AND EASILY. We design sturdy, durable bait stations for rats and mice that will HOLD UP TO WEAR AND TEAR and can be used multiple times, so they’re more COST-EFFECTIVE. If, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with your bait stations, please REACH OUT TO US DIRECTLY so we can make it right.

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