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This is every cat (or dog) owner’s worse nightmare! Believe me as it has happened to me sadly. And the reality is that it happens every day. The problem is the following.

You have your beloved ‘Fluffy’. Maybe you have cats, dogs or both! Unfortunately, you also have signs of a rat infestation. Maybe you have heard them in your walls, attic or seen rat droppings around. What do you do? According to the ASPCA (Animal Poison Control Center) Rodenticide exposure “increased last year to 6.3%” of their caseload. So that means if they are receiving roughly 213,000 calls a year (estimated amount of calls received in 2018), then about 13,000 plus calls are related to rodent poison ingestion. Certain poisons are especially lethal for dogs and that is why prevention goes a long way in saving your pets life while dealing with a rat or mouse problem.

It is a simple fact that pest poisons are designed to be attractive to “pests” so that they will want to ingest them (good thing), however that also means that ‘Fluffy’ will not be able to distinguish between what is a tasty little treat and what is designed to actually kill rats and mice (bad thing). So, what can you do?


First things first. Regardless of the pest control method you choose be sure to always be thoughtful as to where you decide to place these items. Animals are geniuses when it comes to “snooping out” anything you don’t want them to find! Especially when it comes to cats they are pretty amazing when it comes to climbing up and accessing spots you never thought possible.

That is why we recommend as your first rat infestation line of defense to use a Rat Bait Station. A bait station is superior to a traditional trap as they allow you to completely keep direct contact with the bait under “lock and key”. Of course you can call an exterminator to do all of this, but why not do it yourself instead and save some money. Budget pest control at its finest.

Have you ever seen or used a bait station? They make them for both mice and rats! You may have seen them around and not even known what they are. A Bait station is designed to be a preventative measure to help you with rat extermination while protecting your pets (and kids) for that matter.

The bait station is opened with a key and snaps locked when closed. Inside the box, the bait is placed and a small hole (just big enough for a rat or mouse) allows them to enter the station and start snacking on the poison. They then will leave the bait station and eventually they will die somewhere else. Yet another benefit of this pet-safe pest control trap is you don’t have to mess with the little dead guy afterward.



  • TAMPER RESISTANT- Dedicated double key system ideal for perimeter baiting, can be attached to a permanent structure for added security.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT- Durable design for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • 2 BAIT STATIONS INCLUDED- Covers a larger area and effectively kills rats while providing the highest level of security for pets and kids. One key included with each station.
  • UNIVERSAL & PET FRIENDLY- For use with any type of mouse or rat trap bait, including bait blocks (bait is NOT included).
  • EASY TO USE- Includes instructional sheet and a BONUS report- “Low Cost and Easy DIY Pest Control Solutions.

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